The Reverend Kelly S. Allen

A Tribute to Kelly Allen

After serving at UPC almost seven years, the Reverend Kelly Sue Allen passed away Sunday, June 5, at the age of 50 after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke. Kelly was loved by her congregation and throughout the San Antonio community, the other communities where she has served, and beyond.

Kelly was ordained into ministry in 1992 and served congregations in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, St. Louis, Missouri, and Buckinghamshire, England before coming to San Antonio. She was especially known for her strong leadership as a mentor, a teacher, and an advocate for social justice, practicing Christian hospitality and inclusiveness with individuals and groups in need of support and belonging in order to build community among strangers. Before her death, she was co-chair of the Immigration Task Force of Mission Presbytery and the Interfaith Welcome Coalition. Hers was a vibrant, joyous life of service.

A colleague who knew Kelly during her entire ministry had this to say: “From her first call to a church in the context of the flood of the century, to her enduring passion for nurturing communities of resilience and joy, Kelly has not backed down from her belief that God is making all things new. Her deep compassion and pastoral tenderness are intricately woven with her scholarly inquisitiveness, punctuated with her persistence and perseverance. She offers strong perspective with clarity and laughter.”

Kelly is survived by her husband, John Rezentes, and two children, Clare and David, as well as her parents and the many foster children she and John cared for over the years.

Kelly is deeply missed by her family and all whom she touched. It brings comfort knowing that she was an organ donor, and her life will be continued in others.

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