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Pastor Nominating Committee

Marian Higgins
Patti Jewett, Chair
Sandy Nicholson
Marc Raney
Matt Stafford
Victoria Thompson
Tom Williams
Tatum Spriester, 

April 21, 2017 - Patti Jewett, chair

The Session approved the Ministry Information Form (MIF) prepared by the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) at its meeting on April 19th.  The form lists factual information about the size of our congregation, the ethnic composition, the average attendance, etc and, with answers to narrative questions, describes our vision of ministry to the congregation, our community, our city and our global family. The form also helps identify the leadership, pastoral and administrative responsibilities that we hold as priorities for our pastor.

After approval by the Presbytery Committee on Ministry, the form will be uploaded to the Church Leadership Connection. We will start networking to pass the word around to our Presbyterian connections letting them know who we are and the personality traits, skills and character qualifications we seek in a new pastor. You are also invited to submit names to the PNC and we will inquire if the person would be interested in knowing more about our search. From this point on, our work will be confidential but we will keep the congregation updated on the process.

Please remember our work with prayers for our church and those who are seeking a call to serve the Lord is this place and time.

Potential Candidates

Finding the right fit - the Ministry information form (MIF)

Our MIF is the vehicle by which we present UPC to you, the potential candidate. This document states the qualities of leadership; the view of ministry; and the skills, knowledge, and experience we seek in a pastor as well as a word picture of who we are as a church.

Ministry Information Form (PDF)

UPC conducted a Mission Study prior to the creation of our MIF to answer the question of "Who are we at UPC?" This final document is the product of much reflection and multiple sessions with members that gathered feedback about our past and present, as well as what kind of congregation we aspire to become in the future.

UPC Mission Study Report (PDF)

In addition to the MIF and Mission Study, we invite you to browse our website for more information about UPC and our ministries. Below are pages that allow you to meet us and learn details about our programs.

We hope you will take the time to learn about us and our vision of serving Jesus Christ in a challenging world.

Our Ministry Information Form can be accessed via the PCUSA Church Leadership Connection (MIF #: 08640.AB0). You may also contact Pastor Nominating Committee chair Patti Jewett at