Seasonal Education

Lent Theme

Consider The Ravens: Wild, Beauty, Rest, Growth, & Awe

Lent is a season for contemplation, self-examination and a deeper focus on our lives as God’s creatures, frail and wonderful. Our worship services and small group experiences will focus on our relationship with nature as a source of connection with God. Nature stands with us in praise of God, and teaches us wisdom through its beauty. In our best moments, we are humbled by its majesty and awed by its power. In our worst moments we have uncaringly destroyed land and species, and laid waste to the habitat of creatures beloved of God. In the life and teaching of Christ, we hear tenderness toward creation. In the wounds of Christ, we see echoed humanity’s cruelty to the vulnerable of the earth.

Small Groups

In recent years, Lent Small Groups have provided some of the most meaningful growth in Christian discipleship and deep faith at UPC, according to most who have participated. Anyone in the UPC community is invited to sign up and participate in these groups, which meet weekly throughout the Lenten season at homes or restaurants. Trained leaders guide the participants through material that often reflects and supplements topics in our formal Lenten worship services. While the groups foster transformation and growth through meaningful discussion and spiritual practices, many participants also find significant value in the personal relationships formed and strengthened in this time together.

Special Service - John Knox Ranch

March 1, 2015

Contact David Germer (210-732-9927) for more information.